Shopping itinerary in the Marais | Around Merci

6610 AUTOUR DE MERCI  Shopping itinerary in the Marais | Around Merci

The upper part of the Marais touches the 3rd and 11th arrondissements. The area is teeming with great, welcoming shops: designer fashion, decoration and accessories, not forgetting food shops. The ideal place to go shopping and treat yourself during the breaks!

The walk begins at 111 boulevard Beaumarchais, at Merci, a former factory that has been converted into a temple of art de vivre, selling limited edition clothing, accessories and household decorations. We also like their ephemeral exhibitions that are held regularly in the canteen space, the ideal spot for a break after a bout of shopping…

Around Merci

Continue along boulevard Beaumarchais which then turns into boulevard des Filles du Calvaire. You will find a delightful children’s clothing shop there: Bonton (5 boulevard des Filles du Calvaire). The little extra is the decor and the festive accessories that will please adults as much as children, like the little cake moulds in purple or pink that make you want to start baking right away!
On Rue des Filles du Calvaire, adjacent to the boulevard, you will find Papier Tigre (5 rue des Filles du Calvaire), a really great stationery shop. We love the colourful, practical and attractive copy books, perfect for keeping a note of everything.
Parallel to Rue des Filles du Calvaire is Rue Commines, or the street of little wonders as we like to call it. It’s impossible to decide between Les Invasions Ephémères (14 rue Commines) with its truly Parisian decor (so chic), and Les Vignoles (7 rue Commines), a jewellery and ready-to-wear shop in the “urban, chic and offbeat” style. Another little gem in a different style is Placement libre (5 rue Commines), a gallery with lots of astonishing tales to tell… all waiting to be discovered.

Ideas for the lunch break…

On Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire is a great place, not for gourmet food, but for “luxury fast food: Blend. The nine burgers are garnished to suit your taste or your mood. (1 boulevard des Filles du Calvaire)
Or Beaucoup (7 rue Froissart), on a street perpendicular to boulevard Beaumarchais. This very friendly canteen offers an all-you-can-eat buffet and generous à la carte dishes. And it’s tasty, too!

The 11th arrondissement

Head up to Rue Oberkampf where you will find some very nice shops! Onze (11 rue Oberkampf), and its highly desirable designer pieces and the aptly named decorative curiosity shop Les Curieuses (4 rue Oberkampf). Nearby on rue Amelot is the showroom of the jewellery designer Tassia Canellis (153 rue Amelot) and Slow Galerie, in another nearby street, welcomes you into a space devoted to graphic arts. (5 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud)

6611 AUTOUR DE MERCI  Shopping itinerary in the Marais | Around Merci

Tassia Canellis

Carrying on towards Rue de Poitou

You can also continue your walk by heading down towards Rue de Poitou. We can give you three addresses: three fashion and design shops. The beautiful intel… Violette et Léonie (114 rue de Turenne) welcome you to their consignment shop where trendiness and good humour are requirements. On Rue de Saintonge, Tigersushi Furs (27 rue de Saitongue), is the fashion brand of a music label. Striking and energising, it is quite a mix and match that turns dress codes upside down and we love it! And on Rue Pastourelle, Mushkane (3 rue Pastourelle), a shop selling felt accessories from Nepal; a trip to India without leaving Paris – fabulous…

6612 AUTOUR DE MERCI  Shopping itinerary in the Marais | Around Merci

Violette & Léonie

Source images / Happiness as an Art de Vivre :

6610-AUTOUR-DE-MERCI Source : Anna Kèsz?, 6611-AUTOUR-DE-MERCI Source : Grégoire Voevodsky, 6612-AUTOUR-DE-MERCI Source : Violette & Léonie

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