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What could be better to discover the French capital and its treasures than wandering the streets of Paris on foot! Here is some advice and some places to go to get the most out of it.

Paris, a city to visit on foot

Whether you want to discover Montmartre with its village atmosphere or go shopping in the Marais but still have time to wander into the courtyard of a hôtel particulier, you don’t need a car! On the contrary, you will have a much better chance of discovering all of Paris’ charms through walking and wandering. Paris is not that spread out, so you can easily move from one district to another and change atmosphere while still making progress with the planned visits. If you prefer to save your strength, the Métro stations will drop you off wherever you want to go and you can simply set off from there and explore!

Facilities for pedestrians

The pavements in Paris are fairly wide, but some areas have even been specially redesigned for pedestrians and will therefore be perfect for walking itineraries. Of course you can always count on the parks and gardens such as the Tuileries or the Luxembourg Garden to offer you a walking space and superb Parisian sights. You might also like to know that the Berges de Seine (the banks of the river) on the left bank have been pedestrianised over more than 2km between the Musée d’Orsay and the Pont de l’Alma. It is now a quiet place to walk, cycle or skate while stopping to take advantage of the different areas: a guinguette bar by the water’s edge, a fun play area for children, a floating garden… To continue strolling by the water, Canal Saint-Martin, along with Canal de l’Ourq and as far as Canal de La Villette offer wide pedestrian areas where you may very well come across running enthusiasts and Sunday afternoon strollers. This is a lovely walk that takes you away from the effervescence of the city centre. On a more confidential note, Paris also offers some atypical spaces that have been converted for people who like a breath of fresh air, such as the Petite Ceinture with its 1.3 km of railway tracks that have been adapted for walking in the 15th arrondissement or the Promenade Pereire, a strip of greenery in the 17th arrondissement.

Spaces that are closed to traffic

A genuine open-air museum, the banks of the Seine offer the perfect walking itinerary. The atmosphere is calm and Sunday is a special day because some roads, such as those on the right bank between Orsay and Bastille are also closed to traffic to allow pedestrians, cyclists and skaters to make the most of them. Choose your favourite means of locomotion! The banks of Canal Saint-Martin are also closed so that bicycles and pedestrians can enjoy it all the more. The Marais district is closed to traffic too to allow you to take advantage of the shops without having to worry about stepping off the pavement. Sunday is also an ideal day to discover rue Mouffetard without a car, and the Montmartre district too – a “Paris Respire” (Paris breathes) initiative by Paris city hall. There’s only one thing to do – lace up your running shoes and set off to discover Paris!

Source images / Happiness as an Art de Vivre : 7690-PARIS-A-PIED © Paris Tourist Office – Photographe : Marc Bertrand

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