Chaeyoung Hwang | A passionate and talented photographer

6911 CHAEYOUNG Chaeyoung Hwang | A passionate and talented photographer

Armed with her camera, she walks the streets of Paris to devote herself to her passion for photography. The result? An elegant and poetic body of work that captures everyday life in ways you would never have seen because above all, Chaeyoung knows how to observe. Before discovering her photographs in the paper version of Paris-is-beautiful, we present our favourite artistic discovery.

Tell us about your journey.

I am currently a student at a school of photography in Paris. I specialised in design visual communication because I worked as a graphic designer for a few years in South Korea. I came to Paris in 2012 to go back to school and become a professional photographer. As soon as I got here I began to regularly take photos of Paris and Parisians. I am looking for the beauty, the humour and the solitude of everyday life.

Why did you settle in Paris?

A long time ago, I backpacked around Europe and Paris was the first city I visited. I liked the diversity with the lovely parks and the statues and the way you can breathe in them between the grey roofs and the brown chimneys. I liked the Parisian lifestyle and philosophy. Since that trip, Paris has always been in a corner of my heart. At the end of my studies, working as a graphic designer, I wanted photography to no longer be just a hobby. I decided to start over before it was too late to turn my passion into my career in a city I really love. Now I realise that the cost of living here is expensive, especially my tuition fees, and that life is not always what we imagine it to be, but I know it was a good decision and I am happy to be here.

What makes you smile in Paris?

Drinking wine outdoors on a summer’s evening, the fireworks display on 14 July, old couples that love each other, the neighbourhood markets, garage sales and second-hand shops, people dancing on the banks of the Seine…

What do you like to photograph?

The defining moment (laughs)! I like scenes that are beautiful and bizarre at the same time. I am touched by architecture and by plant life.
6912 CHAEYOUNG1 Chaeyoung Hwang | A passionate and talented photographer

What is your approach to photography?

If I’ve got an idea (or not), I go out in the street. I observe and capture the things that attract me as though on a hunt. Secretly, rapidly. On a lucky day, the scenes fly right into my frame as if by magic.
6913 CHAEYOUNG1 Chaeyoung Hwang | A passionate and talented photographer

What does art de vivre mean for you?

Cultivating plants, cooking and having a sense of humour.

Chaeyoung and Paris:

If you were a Parisian monument? The Simone de Beauvoir bridge If you were a street in Paris? Rue du pont Louis-Philippe, Rue Mouffetard, Rue Villa Santos-Dumont If you were a restaurant in Paris? Le Septime (even if I have never been there) If you were a souvenir of Paris? Dried sausage If you were a Paris garden? Parc de Belleville

Source images / Happiness as an Art de Vivre :

6911-CHAEYOUNG, 6912-CHAEYOUNG, 6913-CHAEYOUNG, 6914-CHAEYOUNG, 6915-CHAEYOUNG : Crédit : Chaeyoung Hwang

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