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Author, cartoonist, illustrator, artistic director, digital media and television artist, also co-creator of Electronic Shadow and, since 2011, the character Elyx, Yacine Ait Kaci is quite the multi-tasker. He is above all extremely talented. An encounter with a hybrid Parisian, between digital and real, drawing and photography…

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What path did you take before creating Elyx?

After studying at the ENSAD, the National School for Decorative Arts, I immediately turned towards multimedia creation, focussing my research on narration and staging. It was the beginning of the digital age. I am both an author and press cartoonist, a multimedia artist and television director (designing the DVD-Rom for the Louvre, subjects for Archimède on the Arte channel, etc.). In 2000, with the architect Naziha Mestaoui, I created the label Electronic Shadow, a recognised pioneer in the digital arts era. Elyx was born in 2011, a transmedia project between drawing and photography.

6219 ELYX DESSIN Elyx – Yacine AIT KACI | The interview

Where did you get the idea for Elyx?

It was like superposing my previous experiments between artistic and digital creation. The idea was to combine the two. Drawing in relation to reality. Or how the digital superposes itself on reality in a format as simple as drawing.
Drawing is related to the initial conception: the hand. I consider the hand to be the most high-performance of technical tools. Robotic hands can now be made, which shows the importance of this part of the body. It is the direct link to our brain, our feelings, our actions…
Without any pretention, I compare myself somewhat to the Impressionnists who left their studios to put some light into their painting. I am doing something similar, because I am leaving my office where the digital reigns to go out and meet people. When digital meets reality…

6220 ELYX DESSIN Elyx – Yacine AIT KACI | The interview

Is this encounter spontaneous or researched?

Making drawings is always spontaneous. Only a few minutes pass between the conception of the drawing and the taking of the photograph. Elyx is a virtual character who evolves in the real world and lives in the moment. Chance and imperfections are what make the project authentic.
On average, I publish 3 pictures per day (morning, middday and evening). It is regular, like a media, a blog.. The idea is to follow the course of Elyx’s day.

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What do you like about Paris?

It’s an international city, a hub where it is easy to meet people. One could even say that Paris has an accent, with so many people who love the city and come here to visit or to live. There is a deep attraction to the history, the culture, the life and also the imaginary of the mythical city that is Paris. I also like the cultural richness, as well as the heritage, gastronomy, art de vivre etc. All these places with something to see, to offer and to do. This is what makes it so attractive.
What I also like about Paris is that it is a city for pedestrians despite the number of cars. You can do everything on foot! There is always an interesting walk to be had because there is always something to see. It is a lively city. It is also a city that is ahead of its time, in the digital sense. It is a real playground for digital, for photography…In terms of taking visuals, NY is the N° 1 city in the world, Rome N° 2 and Paris is 3rd or 4th.

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What makes you smile in Paris?

That’s a very good question, because the main point of Elyx is to make people smile!
On a more personal note, firstly I think that smiling and laughing should not be confused, a smile is not a “sub-laugh”. It is a conscious choice of a world view – you choose to smile for a reason. For me, it could be a sunset that lights up the glass dome of the Grand Palais, and its reflection on the water and the islands. It makes me smile because I think about the people whose work made that moment possible. The importance of the details that are unimportant, the futile, the beautiful, and also the poetry and the beauty of the Paris landscape, which we have inherited and which we should preserve.

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What does Art de Vivre mean to you?

For me, it is all a question of time. The quality we give to time is very important. We need to take time, to enjoy it. Get a buzz out of looking at a beautiful landscape, a sunset, realising how lucky you are to live here, the beauty of the space, the place, the time. Thanks to Elyx, I wander about the city more than before. I have rediscovered Paris, even though it is my birthplace and that allows me to enjoy special moments, and the present moment too.

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