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Caroline lives in the 17th arrondissement. Originally from Marseille, she has the kindly, funny insolence and the accent of her home town. She orchestrates her life like a maestria, between two beautiful children and a demanding job at one of the Parisian temples to luxury and fashion. She likes southern cooking, Parisian elegance and much, much more…She lives in the now, and knows how to share it and tell you about in a way that can make you cry…or…shout with laughter…This is her Paris…

You live on Rue de Lévis in the 17th. Is this an accident?

Wherever I am in the world, I look for a market. For me, the market is always the lifeline to a city, the place where you can take a village’s pulse, watch people, smell the aromas, appreciate the colour, enjoy the tastes, listen to the sounds…
So I always dreamed of being close to a market. I have fulfilled that dream because I now live at the end of Rue de Lévis, and every day the tomatoes grin at me, the cheesemonger hails me, the café Sauret offers me its outside tables and the Moulin de la Vierge its bread.3742 LE MOULIN DE LA VIERGE 300x180 Village life | Paris seen by Caroline
3742-LE-MOULIN-DE-LA-VIERGE   Source : Anna Kèsz?

Le Moulin de la Vierge

6 rue de Lévis, 75017 PARIS
+33(0)1 43 87 42 42

It’s a nice day today. What are you going to show us?

I have a weakness for parks because I have walked them all with prams, bicycles and scooters and they have watched my children grow up: the fountain in the Tuileries with its sailboats that are really made of cloth…
Place des Vosges from when I lived in the Marais.
Parc Monceau, with its ponies, its merry-go-round and its swings. A tour of the park is 1 km: it’s practical as you know how far you have run.
The Bois de Boulogne; picnics by the water and rowing boats on the lake …
1013 PARCMONCEAU 300x180 Village life | Paris seen by Caroline            934 BOISDEBOULOGNE 300x180 Village life | Paris seen by Caroline
1013_PARCMONCEAU  Source : Shutterstock – Libre de droits / 934_BOISDEBOULOGNE   Source : Shutterstock – Libre de droits
Buttes Chaumont and the indescribable Guinguette Rosa Bonheur.
3258 ROSABONHEUR K 300x180 Village life | Paris seen by Caroline
3258_ROSABONHEUR_K Source : Anna Kèsz?
And very recently I discovered the new Parc Martin Luther King in the Batignolles area, with its tennis walls and table tennis tables, its basketball court, its 2 football pitches and especially its brilliant skate and free style ramp for teenagers…

A secret address you would care to share?

You should go to the park at the restaurant Apicius on rue d’Artois to discover what Paris is hiding behind its carriage doors.
APICIUS Jean-Pierre Vigato
20 rue d’Artois, 75008 Paris

Where do you like to lunch?

I live today in the 17th, and I love the area, it’s a real village: Rue de Lévis, and the Batignolles area, too. It is all new to me, and still smacks of discovery. Here are a few addresses that I am particularly fond of:

Chez Olives et Cacahuètes

46 rue Legendre, 75017 Paris
+33(0)9 52 08 93 81

Le Bistrot des dames

For the outdoor tables
18 rue des dames, 75017 Paris
On weekdays: noon – 3pm / 7pm – 2am and at the weekend: 12.30pm – 2am

+33(0) 1 45 22 13 42

A beauty address?

L’Instant Beauté for its perfect manicures!

L’Instant Beauté

24 rue des moines, 75017 Paris
+33(0) 1 42 29 11 63
Métro Brochant

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