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You don’t have to stand at a bar counter to drink that little cup of black coffee in Paris! You can also enjoy it at Coutume Café, an Australian-inspired coffee shop where the coffee beans have been roasted in Paris.

Coutume – for the love of coffee

7293 COUTUME CAFE 300x180 Parisian coffee | By Coutume   7292 COUTUME CAFE 300x180 Parisian coffee | By Coutume When Antoine Nétien came home from Australia having trained in growing coffee, he had one thing on his mind: to show French people what good coffee is all about. At the same time, Tom Clark was moving to Paris from Australia with the goal of selling the good coffee to which he held the secret. One encounter was all it took for these two black gold enthusiasts to start their own coffee shop and Coutume Café was born. Custom Coffee? It is a custom in many countries to offer guests a cup of coffee. The duo select their own coffee beans from the producers and roast them in their Paris workshop where they investigate the different blends. The idea in their café is to concentrate on the product and offer quality coffee that is freshly roasted. Their favourite beverage comes in expresso, cappuccino (with an artistic swirl) or in siphon form prepared by expert barristas and can be accompanied by delicious cakes, light meals during the week or brunch at the weekend. It all takes place in a bright and friendly environment where raw materials mingle with ceiling moulds for a timeless feel.

Parisian coffee par excellence

While Coutume Café is the preferred place to enjoy this beverage, Coutume coffee can be enjoyed throughout the capital because many trendy names are getting their coffee supplies directly from the roasters, such as at Marlette on rue des Martyrs in the 9th arrondissement and at Café Madam on rue Saint-Denis in the 2nd. Don’t forget that Coutume Café already has three addresses in Paris, so all that remains now is for you to taste it! Coutume 47 rue Babylone 75007 Paris Tel: +33 (0)1 45 51 50 47 Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm / Sat-Sun: 10am-7pm Other addresses: Coutume Instituutti – 60 rue des Ecoles 75005

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