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Meet Alexis Tricoire, a 46 year old designer and scenographer who has been making a name for himself in plant design in all its forms over the past 10 years. A subtle blend of botany, architecture and artistic expression, his technical prowess is definitely worth discovering.

In the face of increasingly dense urban planning, city-dwellers are crying out for more greenery. Alexis Tricoire understands this desire and has responded to this need for well-being, art de vivre, bio-diversity and even sustainable development in his works. By contibuting to the current creative trend towards plant life in the world of design, he is offering a fresh look at this evolving discipline. Flirting with the limits of the possibilities that objects and plants, or architecture and design have to offer, Alexis Tricoire has set himself countless challenges…and they have all been successful to date.

A cloud of tulips, an igloo, hanging islands…

Whether the installation of a veil of 1,600 tulips to form a cloud above a society party, the creation of a tropical igloo in which to meditate, a gigantic hanging installation of tropical islands that look down from 15 metres or a bright red plant heart to represent baroque exuberance at the castle in Versailles, Alexis Tricoire’s eccentricity and excessive creativity have no limits other than those of his imagination.


A eco-responsible feast for the eyes which it would be wrong to deny yourself.

Source images / Happiness as an Art de Vivre :

5099-TRICOIRE-DESIGN   Source : Tricoire – Alexis Tricoire / 5100-TRICOIRE-DESIGN   Source : Tricoire / 5101-TRICOIRE-DESIGN   Source : Tricoire / 5102-TRICOIRE-DESIGN   Source : Tricoire / 5103-TRICOIRE-DESIGN   Source : Tricoire

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