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Elsa Cernogora and Lili Rojas were united by a single ambition : to create a  space devoted to artistic crafts.

Elsa Cernogora and Lili Rojas met at a fair in Montreuil in 2005. They became friends and regularly shared their professional experiences; their vision of their craft, their difficulties and successes alike.
They noticed that they shared the same desire: to open a human space devoted to artistic crafts. So, they decided to join forces and launch a joint project. And that is how the workshop-boutique Engrenages saw the light of day on December 14 2013.

Engrenages, a convenient place for sharing

The space is primarily somewhere convenient in which to exchange, where the human being occupies the central position.
The goal is to valorise today’s artistic crafts. Elsa and Lili want to share the variety, the richness and the quality of such crafts, but also those of the people working in these fields. Outside of the collections of jewellery that they design, make and sell on-site, they also offer the work of different designers working in a variety of fields (jewellery, ceramics, lighting, textiles, photography, sculpture…).
They always meet with the designers because they believe that good relationships and communication are indispensable. They work on impulse and intuition, both for the objects that they sell and for those that they make and they pass this on to their clients !

Getting to know the two artists better…

Who is Elsa Cernogora ?

After training in the visual arts, Elsa Cernogora took a diploma course in “The art of jewels and jewellery” in 2002 and then worked for 2 years in the workshop of a high-level costume jewellery designer in Paris.  However, the idea of independence and designing gnawed at her and she decided to launch her first jewellery collection in 2005. Meanwhile, she took a wide range of complementary training courses (ornamental engraving, engraving, setting…).
She works with silver using traditional jewellery-making techniques : she works with the metal directly from silver sheets and wires. The metal is cut, filed, stamped, hammered and soldered…She does not use moulds, so every piece is unique, even if a single model can be reproduced in number.

Elsa and jewellery : a close, intimate rapport

“My conception of jewellery is close to that of sculpture. A piece of jewellery for me is a real three-dimensional object in which every angle counts. Shape, volume and the relationship to space are primordial : the relationship between full and empty, interior and exterior, the harmony of shapes.  

A piece of jewellery is a small-scale sculpture, an invitation to get closer. You need to get to know it; it does not reveal itself and can only be enjoyed in close proximity. From that moment, an intimate relationship is born. This special bond of closeness and intimacy is what interests me most.
I draw my inspiration from the meanderings of life forms : organic shapes, vegetable, mineral and animal, too. From the microscopic organism to the aquatic plant or the inexhaustible richness of the botanical, I freely make use of these shapes to create simple, structured volumes.
This is where the idea of movement, inherent to the living, comes in, in the shape of hatching, taking flight, swinging…”

Who is Lili Rojas ?

Lili Rojas, jewellery designer at Lili et Monelle, is originally from Colombia. She has lived in France for 23 years, yet she remains attached to a culture in which, by necessity, the everyday object is taken out of its original context to have a second life.
Her creative process involves the artisanal work of salvaging, subtly associated with the richness of traditional Colombian craftsmanship.
This search for unusual combinations of materials is her way of expressing, through jewellery, her love of beauty and originality.

 Lili and jewellery : travels through time

« My collections are essentially designed from pieces of clockwork that I find in watchmakers and at flea markets, whether they are watch cogs, pendulums or clock hands.
I add fine stones in subtle colours to this selection of brass or bronze pieces. The unexpected appearance of these elements with their sheen that comes from everyday use and that is reworked into my compositions, is evocative of time travel.”

The events not to be missed

In order to bring their space to life and create some interaction, the two designers organise a variety of events (encounters with artisans, demonstrations, themed exhibitions…).
–       Saint Valentine’s Day : the designers currently on show at Elsa et Lili’s -and they themselves- were invited to design one or several pieces for the occasion. They will be on display and available for purchase from February 6. On the big day (Febraury 14), a small cocktail will be offered to all the couples who call into the shop and the musical atmosphere will have a love theme !
–       European Artistic Crafts Days : this event will take place on April 4, 5 and 6 2014. On the programme : a tour of the workshop, presentation of the jewellery-making tools and techniques, encounters with and demonstrations by other craftspeople on Saturday and Sunday.
The official JEMA blog: http://journeeseuropeennesdesmetiersdart.wordpress.com/

Other information :

Lili et Monelle jewellery site : www.lili-monelle.com
Elsa Cernogora jewellery site : www.elsa-cernogora.com

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