Cafes & bars

IMG 7249 copie Le Peloton café  | When theyre not cycling, theyre at the café!

These places are so Parisian : you will enjoy grabbing a quick coffee at the counter or outside on the terrace on your way to work on fine days or stopping in for a bite of lunch or getting together with friends for an “apéro” at the end of the day. There are cafes and bars on every street corner. Some are very lively and are the heart and soul of the neighbourhood. In most of them the owners or their team have big personalities and are people’s people. They set the tone and the atmosphere and enjoy catching up on everyone’s news. At the counter, you can have a drink or chat with neighbours about everything and anything, just sharing a moment of conviviality. Bars and cafes are places that are quite simply an essential part of the tradition of our daily lives.

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